Job Hunters Need a Resume

Many job hunters mistakenly believe that the job interview is the most important component of finding a new job. But that’s not true. What’s really important is a great resume that enables you to get a job interview in the first place. It’s important that you not only submit a job application, but that you also attach a resume as well.

If a resume is so important, what is it that many job hunters don’t submit one with their application? One of the many reasons for this is because resumes, especially ones that are considered “perfect,” can occasionally be difficult to write. 

You have a number of different options when it come to writing a resume.  According to information in the Job Hunter’s Manual ( choosing an option for getting a resume created doesn’t have to be a big deal.

The main thing is find a reume format that works to highlight your skills and experiences.  Write the resume according to a standard format, make sure it is clean, neat and without errors. Then send it in to that employer. No matter which option you choose to write your resume, you should find that having a resume will increase your chances of finding a new job.

Resume Writing Tips

When it comes to finding a new job or changing careers, it is important that you have an effective resume. Writing a resume can be complicated and a bit nerve-wracking if you’re doing it for the first time. Having tips on how to write a resume will help to make it a lot easier.Find a sample: To get started writing a new resume or updating an old one, do a web search for Career Websites and look for sample resumes. You could find a free resume template online free resume templates online to use as a guide. Here’s a site to try for a free sample resume

Computer Template: Did you know that many computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works, have free resume templates available with them?  If you are using one of these programs or other similar ones, look for the program’s resume templates to see available formats and options. You might have ten or more free resume templates that come in a number of different styles already installed in your computer. 

Freelance Assistance: Look for professional assistance in writing your resume by doing a standard Internet search with phrases such as “resume writer,” or “professional resume writer.”  Expect to pay reasonable fees to use the services of a professional resume writer.  Fees vary according to expertise of the writer and the specifics of the resume you need.

How to Write a Business Plan the Works for YOU Teleclass

How To Write a Business Plan That Works for YOU

The Ultimate Business Plan Teleclass starts on November 27 and runs for four weeks.  Class is at 6:00 p.m. PST. m This will be the only Business Plan building class I’ll teach until next year.

If you don’t have your business plan written,  join this class and start the New Year off right. How to write a business plan is the top online keyword term for small business owners.  Writing a business plan for a small business is something every business person must do in order to assure their business success. 

You need to write a business plan if:

 1. You intend to succeed in your small business for more than one year

 2. You want or need any of the following

  • Small business loan
  • Small business grant
  • Small business opportunity support
  • Small business idea generation
  • Small business finance
  • Government small business grant

 3. You desire to have a professional document to use as a success roadmap for your small business.

 4. You want to be a professional in your field and known as a serious player in the small business world.

You could continue to take a “chance on your success” by continuing to just think about writing your plan and never get it finished. You could continue to try to find generic, free business plan templates online that you use to fill in the  blanks. You could scratch out a business plan outline and hope that takes you through the steps you need to get what you want.

Or, you can make an investment in your small business future and write your business plan in four weeks.

How to Write a Business Plan is the ultimate business plan course for small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you have a home based business, internet based business, or offline business, you need to understand how to write a business plan.

This course uses a free sample business plan that I created as a method that has proved successful in writing business plans for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this four-week telecourse, you will learn how to complete each step of a business plan. You will know how to write and finish a business plan that will serve as a working document for your business.

To get a detailed outline of what you’ll learn in the class go to the registration page on my home site Sign-up to get your business plan finished before the end fo the year.

This is good even if you’ve been in businss for a while and never got your Business Plan completed.