Green Power to Increase Boomer Energy

I’m working with a fabulous group of women led by Vicki White iin planning my 2010 goals. One assignment is to try Vicki’s suggested Green Smoothie drink. Well, I’ve been on it for only two days and I’m sold.

This is a great detox program. A green smoothie includes fruits and vegetables blended together. The whole point is that the vegetables are pulverized providing you with their full enzyme, nutrient value. I’ve been using distilled or filtered water and adding some yogurt in my smoothies too.

I already feel increased energy and the detoxing is working! I’m on the way to the gym pretty soon (Curves actually). I didn’t have much energy last week so I’m taking advantage of this great feeling.

I’m really impressed with a program that includes information on body detoxing and health to assist you to set new goals. Without your health all the goal planning in the world isn’t going to do much good.

Unfortunately a lot of Boomers start to peter-out in the energy area; I know a lot of low-energy boomers. Learning about how to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables is a basic way to better mid-life nutrition. Boomers, take control of your nutrition and increase your energy too in simple yet effective ways.