Living Confidently

At some point in life, a woman has to step into the fullness of her confidence. I realized this at an early age and somewhere along the way, lost site of that bold confidence that took me through my youth.

I traveled freely as a young woman. There was little that could stop me. A Peace Corps Volunteer, I traveled the African nation of my assignment with gusto experiencing all of the new sites, sounds, tastes, and smells that location had to offer. I learned French in order to be a part of the people where needed. Thankfully, English was the major language in my location.

I even rode a Suzuki road bike to get over the rough terrain and ate foods that make people shudder when I mention them, like elephant and monkey. But that was a part of the life there, a part of the adventure of learning how other people survive.

Where is that confidence that let me be so bold?  Somehow it got taken away by the burdens of overcoming responsibilities over the years. Like seeing my parents die, facing money issues, realizing the truth of our limited life spans.

But these are reasons to be even braver as women in business, in the middle of parents and children, and doing incredible things never imagined when young.  These are reasons to start living with gusto, pushing past fears and doing what you know is your life purpose. This is the time for Confidence so make this YOUR Year for living with confidence.